Friday, January 23, 2009

Day 10--Women's Retreat

At the end of our trip last year, God laid the women of India on my heart. Sheela and I visited and by the time we arrived in Amarillo, Sheela had already written out the agenda. I was overwhelmed at the thought of hosting 250 women for three days. Our God is amazing. As the year unfolded, the women's seminar came together. It is bitter sweet that it is almost over. I think we are all tired and ready to head home, yet at the same time we hate to leave this remarkable place and this amazing group of Christians.

Today I realized that to the women this seminar is the highlight of their year. This is a time that these ladies come together without their children and responsibilities of home to fellowship, sing, worship and most of all hear the word of God. I could compare it to HCC women's retreat, however 100 ladies sleep on cots in one large room with very little other accommodations, yet they are elated to be here. I am humbled to be in their presence.

The Lord has blessed all HCC speakers and brought the story of Esther to life. Even though each individual prepared their teachings independently, the Lord drew all His words together for His purpose to encourage the women of India to stand tall and walk boldly with the Lord; to be the women God made them to be yet be submissive to their husbands; to love the Lord and share His love with others.

Tomorrow we will physically leave these ladies but they will ALWAYS be in our hearts and prayers.--Tricia

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